Defense Asks For Sanctions Against Marilyn Mosby Prosecution Team For Failure To Turn Over Evidence



Including that freddie gray may have been injuring himself in van…  Just unacceptable actions by the prosecution team. You are obligated to turn over evidence, particularly exculpatory evidence like this.

Via Baltimore Sun:

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Prosecutors in recent weeks have provided new evidence in the Freddie Gray case that defense attorneys say should have been handed over weeks ago, including witness statements that Gray was “losing his mind” and “kicking the inner door and aggressively shaking” the police transport van where he ultimately sustained a fatal spinal cord injury.


In a new court filing, attorneys for the six Baltimore Police officers charged in Gray’s arrest and death repeated their July request that the court sanction prosecutors, forcing them to hand over additional materials and ordering any withheld evidence excluded from the officers’ trials.


“Given that the State has not only failed to satisfy its discovery obligations, but has also misrepresented the nature and extent of its disclosures to this Court, the Defendants are in no position to trust the State’s assertion that it has disclosed everything to which the Defendants are entitled,” the defense attorneys wrote in identical filings in each of the six cases. More

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