Watch Idiot Dem Pepper-Spray Himself To Support Gun Control

A Democratic congressional candidate Levi Tillemann thinks that teachers should be given pepper spray instead of guns and he provided a personal demonstration.

I’m sure his heart’s in the right place (actually, I’m not), but this has got to be one of the stupider political ads out there. It just goes to show you how ignorant some people can be about self-defense. Pepper spray is one of the worst things school kids could arm themselves with. It shouldn’t take a genius or a professional to figure that one out. –Smokeroom


In an online ad released last Friday, Democratic congressional candidate Levi Tillemann pepper-sprayed himself to show support for gun control and opposition to arming teachers.

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Tillemann’s ad starts out by displaying a parent, who is scared for her child’s school and an educator, who is concerned by gun violence in schools.

The candidate calls for schools to arm teachers with “non-lethal self-defense tools.” He then holds up a can of pepper spray.

“Trust me, this will stop anybody,” Tillemann says, before spraying himself in the eyes with the substance.

Most of the rest of the ad focuses on Tillemann’s efforts to clear the pepper spray from his eyes, while pro-gun control statistics run across the screen.

Tillemann is running in Colorado’s 6th congressional district.

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