Dem Rep Wants IRS to Investigate NRA’s ‘Political Efforts’ Against Gun Control

Ric Feld/AP

Ric Feld/AP

Dem Rep Wants IRS to Investigate NRA’s ‘Political Efforts’ Against Gun Control

Representative Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) (D-CA-5th) believes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) should investigate the NRA over their ongoing “political efforts” against gun control.


Thompson suggests the NRA may be shifting money designated for one internal program–say, gun safety–and using it to defeat Democrats’ congressional efforts to push more gun control.

Thompson chairs the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

According to Yahoo News, Thompson said:

Many Second Amendment supporters and responsible gun owners contribute to the NRA because of the work it does to promote gun safety and support the hunting community. They have a right to know whether their money is going to these causes or to Beltway-NRA political efforts that undermine common-sense laws designed to keep criminals, domestic abusers and the dangerously mentally ill from getting guns.

On March 4 Thompson re-launched the background check push that crumbled beneath NRA opposition in 2013. An extended investigation into the civil rights group could be just the ticket for keeping them at bay this time around. More

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