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Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill Suggests Sanders’ Attack On Hillary Clinton Are Sexist

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Via Grabien:

MITCHELL: “Do you think that gender is involved?”


MCCASKILL: “Well I just think it’s one of those things that — maybe it’s not right. I think women who have succeeded in male-dominated fields have been used to being marginalized about whether or not they’re truly qualified. This is an example where we have a candidate for president who is the most qualified and happens to be a woman. And I think there are many women that are excited about that and for anybody to call her unqualified is hard for those women to hear. I don’t think Bernie really believes that Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president. I think he knows that she is, and I just hope that the negative tone was just an aberration and we go back, discussing ideas and different approaches to ideas and let’s let this play out in a way that allows us to come together in November to win the most important presidential race, I think, of my lifetime.” Watch the video here


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