Democratic Socialist: To Be Clear, Democratic Socialists Are Working To ‘Overthrow Capitalism’

“Social democratic reforms like Medicare-for-all are, in the eyes of DSA, part of the long, uneven process of building that support, and eventually overthrowing capitalism.”

In case anyone didn’t know that already. How far are they willing to go to try and overthrow capitalism? Because I’m willing to defend it by any means necessary.

All socialists want to use the tools of capitalism because without them socialism wouldn’t work even for a very short period of time.

Daily Wire:

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In one of her growing list of viral interviews, Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez condemned America’s “hyper-capitalism” and predicted the end of the whole economic system. “So I do think right now we have this no holds barred, wild west hyper-capitalism,” she said. “What that means is profit at any cost. Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.”

In an op-ed for Vox Wednesday, Democratic Socialists of America member and staff writer for Jacobin, Meagan Day, makes clear that the young Democratic candidate’s comment is not a regrettable moment of hyperbole, it is the ultimate goal of their shared ideology: “In the long run, democratic socialists want to end capitalism,” writes Day. More

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