Dem Strategist STUNNED By Focus Groups Of Educated White Women


Two focus groups of white, college-educated women stunned a Democratic strategist when they expressed an unwillingness to overlook Hillary’s flaws simply because she could be the first woman president.

“I wouldn’t say they felt betrayed but they were angry at her,” the unnamed strategist told The Washington Post, referring to the two focus groups’ response to the leading Democratic presidential candidate. “It didn’t feel like they were ready to forgive or let her into the sorority yet.”

The educated white women repeatedly identified Hillary as a “liar,” and dismissed the idea that electing the first woman president is a big deal. Their response “astonished” the strategist, reported WaPo in a story about Hillary’s potential to overplay her gender in the race.

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“She’s got to earn their trust a little more before they let that be something that matters to them,” the strategist told WaPo. “She’s not a cause for women– yet.” More

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