Demented Louis Farrakhan Defiantly Taunts Feds To Respond To His “Death To Americans” Call

Louis Farrakhan And Ramsey Clark Hold News Conference To Criticize NATO's Involvement In Libya

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan may be a crackpot but he’s a dangerous crackpot at best, one who has called for ten thousand young black men to rise up and kill white people. While we all understand that as a black man it’s impossible for him to be racist and that calling for the death of innocent people based upon a “pigment deficiency” isn’t really a crime because we all know that only black livesthat matter, shouldn’t this type of behavior be resulting in criminal charges? White police have been targeted and killed on a frequent basis in this country of late, isn’t this advocacy of racial violence something that should be looked into by law enforcement?

Farrakhan seems to have fantasy-like delusions of his importance and his role on earth, taking short journeys down lyrical, philosophical one-way dead end streets in search of his mission and inviting others to join him. Those most easily influenced by his reckless rhetoric are young black males, Muslims in particular, who may see themselves as fulfilling some sort of perverted spiritual role. That is what makes this clown so dangerous.

He also seems to frequently confuses himself with God, quoting the creator in references to himself, such as “vengeance is mine.” That’s a problem Charles Manson used to suffer from, with a permanent solution for his affliction found by the State of California, albeit much later than what would have been appropriate for Sharon Tate and his other victims. With Farrakhan calling for 10,000 to do his evil bidding, a call he and his complicit host applaud in this interview, he certainly raises legitimate concerns for what might be residing inside that perverted mind of his.

Farrakhan tells government law enforcement agencies, the FBI, CIA and IRS, “You need to be afraid because the god of justice is present now. It’s worth noting that for these racist agitators, justice and revenge against whitey or law enforcement are pretty much interchangeable.

He says, “The battle is on and no, I’m not afraid but you need to be and especially when you see what’s coming up, because as a man soweth, the same shall he also reap. And when you have done the evil that you’ve done to us, and done it to others, did you never think that there would come a day when you would have to pay for all that crap that you have done?” More

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