Democrat Says School Choice Advocates Are “Raping Children”



Democrat Says School Choice Advocates are “Raping” Children reports that at a budget meeting of the Wisconsin State legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance, state Rep. Dale Kooyenga (R-Brookfield) proposed school reforms which would expand school choice, require students to pass a civics test prior to graduation, and allow for the transformation of Milwaukee’s worst-performing schools each year into private schools or charter schools.

State Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) then accused Kooyenga of thinking of himself as a “great white hope” for minority students in the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) system. She also compared the proposed requirement that students pass a civics test to Jim Crow laws, and the proposed reforms in general to rape:

For years, individuals who sit on this committee and in this building have known that they have been raping the children of MPS.

Kooyenga countered that he found the use the word rape” to be “sick, absolutely sick.”

“I get it,” Taylor replied. “The word ‘rape’ sounds offensive, but when you consider the fact that 15 out of 100 kids can read on grade level while $89 million have been skimmed from the education of kids, and that you don’t invest it, in even the crisis areas, who are you fooling?”

“Sen. Lena Taylor’s remarks are despicable for two reasons,” said Heather Kays, research fellow for The Heartland Institute and school choice advocate:

First, comparing the cutting off of educational funding to the “raping of children” is disrespectful to the children she speaks of and to every survivor of sexual assault. Being a survivor herself, you would think Sen. Taylor would have more tact, empathy and understanding than that.


Second, she is just flat-out wrong about the policy issue she is discussing. If throwing more money at a broken public education system worked, we’d see better graduation rates and testing scores every year as we spend more and more money per pupil.

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