Democratic Voter In Focus Group: Hillary ‘Bitchy’


It’s not a good sign when “condescending” is the nicest thing your own voters can say about you.

A New Hampshire focus group of Democrats revealed just how unrelatable former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton truly is as a presidential candidate – so much so, that they believe her “I’m smarter than you” persona will cost her votes.


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During Wednesday’s event, which aired on MSNBC, members of the focus group implied they were turned off by Clinton’s “scorned woman thing.”

One potential voter even reluctantly ceded that the Democratic frontrunner comes across as “bitchy.”

The exchange took place when moderator Mark Halperin asked members of the group how they view Clinton’s overall tone and demeanor.

In response one woman said, “I don’t want to use the word… bitchy.” The same voter added that she does not relate to Clinton’s “women-need-to-be-equal attitude.”

Another female participant echoed the sentiments, saying, “I don’t feel that I’ve had a job where I feel unequal to my male counterparts, so it’s not an issue that speaks to me.”

One male voter commented, “I like Hillary, I think she’s a strong candidate. But she has that, that … condescending [attitude].”

Others members chimed in, mirroring their agreement about Hillary’s “condescending” descriptor.

Looks like someone needs an image consultant.

(h/t: The American Mirror)

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