Democrats Demand Twitter, Facebook Take Down Edited Video Of Pelosi Ripping Up State Of The Union Speech Posted By Trump

Democrats demand that Twitter, Facebook takedown the edited video of Nancy Pelosi ripping up State of the Union speech posted by President Donald Trump.

The video appears to be a continuation of the point made by Republicans that Pelosi, in ripping up the speech, was also ripping up the stories of those Americans that Trump highlighted in the address that includes stories of a Tuskegee airman, Americans killed in combat and a military family being reunited.

Here’s the video:

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Fox News:

Democrats are calling on Twitter and Facebook to take down an edited video of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., ripping up the State of the Union address — claiming it’s designed to “mislead” people.

“The latest fake video of Speaker Pelosi is deliberately designed to mislead and lie to the American people, and every day that these platforms refuse to take it down is another reminder that they care more about their shareholders’ interests than the public’s interests,” Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, said Friday.

On Thursday, Trump posted the video, made by Turning Points USA, which shows the “powerful American stories” that Trump highlighted in his State of the Union address interspersed with the moment immediately afterward when Pelosi tore up the speech. More

Democrats don’t like the truth:

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