Democrats Pushed For Investigation Into Trump Administration Coronavirus Response, Now HHS IG Has Opened Probe

HHS inspector general is investigating the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Endless investigations!

Washington Examiner:

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The Health and Human Services Department’s watchdog will investigate the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

A spokesperson for the HHS inspector general told the Washington Examiner that investigators will carry out at least five reviews “related to HHS’s planning and response of the COVID-19 outbreak.” The inquiries will scrutinize issues such as nationwide hospital responses, quarantine procedures, the training and protective gear provided to front-line health workers, nursing home standards amid a disease with an exponentially more deadly effect on the elderly and the already ill, and the ability to care for illegal border crossers and refugees during a public health crisis.

The HHS watchdog will also draw up recommendations for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

The investigative effort will be spearheaded by Christi Grimm, the principal deputy inspector general who leads HHS’s watchdog office. The office compromises 1,600 auditors, investigators, lawyers overseeing dozens of programs run by agencies, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Administration for Children and Families, the Food and Drug Administration, and the National Institutes of Health — all of which have played a role in the government’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak that has rattled the U.S. health system. More

Infectious Diseases and a member of the White House coronavirus task force explained the problems with the tests.

“You know, it was a complicated series of multiple things that conflated that just, you know, went the wrong way,” Fauci said. “One of them was a technical glitch that slowed things down in the beginning. Nobody’s fault. There wasn’t any bad guys there. It just happened … We’ve got it right, now, because we’re handing much of it over to the private sector to heavy hitter companies that do this for a living. And I think what you’re going to be seeing looking forward is a major, major improvement in the availability of testing.”

HHS/IG should tell the Democrats to pound sand. I think HHS has better things to do until the crisis is over… As does Congress!

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