Dems block human trafficking bill for fifth time

Dems block human trafficking bill for fifth time

Senate Democrats on Thursday once again block legislation aimed at helping victims of trafficking to protest anti-abortion language in the bill — Democrats have now blocked the bill in five separate votes this week.

Democrats continue to oppose language that would prevent certain money in the bill from being used to provide abortion services for victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse. Republicans say the language mirrors standard language found in appropriations bills for the last several decades, and that Democrats are making a political issue out of a bill that should have already passed by now.

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To put more pressure on Democrats, Republicans have said they would not hold a vote on Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch until the trafficking bill moves.

But that hasn’t swayed Democrats at all. Only four Democrats have been voting with the GOP all week, and at least two more are needed to get the 60 votes needed to advance the bill.

Republicans haven’t made any headway in gathering Democratic support. On Tuesday, the Senate twice failed to advance the bill, in 55-43 votes. On Wednesday, the vote was 57-41, and Thursday, the Senate failed again in two separate votes of 56-42. More


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