Deranged Leftist Pleads Guilty to Tweeting Violent Threats to Gov. Scott Walker’s Son

robert peffer

(AP Photo/Milwaukee County Sheriff)


Deranged Leftist Pleads Guilty to Tweeting Violent Threats to Gov. Scott Walker’s Son

In this July 7, 2014, photo provided by the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s office is Robert C. Peffer, 31, of Milwaukee. Peffer, 31, charged in a July criminal complaint, is accused of sending dozens of threatening and obscene tweets to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s adult son. Peffer told investigators he was angry at the governor, and that Walker’s son was just an “innocent bystander,” according to a criminal complaint.

Robert Peffer, using the twitter handle @RepublicPrince2,  made 419 tweets, 36 of which were threats against Matthew Walker, son of Governor Scott Walker. Peffer says he posted the tweets from – where else – his mother’s house and a friend’s house.

Matthew Walker began receiving threatening tweets on his birthday last year in June.
JS Online reported:

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A Milwaukee man has pleaded guilty to threatening Gov. Scott Walker’s adult son on Twitter.


Online court records show Robert Peffer pleaded guilty Friday to four misdemeanor counts of using a computer to send threatening or obscene messages.


Judge Dennis Flynn sentenced him to 90 days in jail and ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine on the first count. He stayed 90-day jail stints on the other three counts in lieu of probation. The judge also banned Peffer from using social media for anything besides looking for work.


Prosecutors have said the tweets were sent to Matthew Walker, a Marquette University student, in June 2014. Over a span of six days, Peffer sent 36 tweets threatening violence to Matthew Walker or making lewd sexual references about him and his family.

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