Lifelong Dem Alan Dershowitz: ‘Appalling’ Obama ‘Stabbed Israel In Back’

Dershowitz you stabbed Israel in the back too, when you and every other Jew that has ever voted Democrat. Stop blaming him for doing what you enabled him to do.

Fox News:

Attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz slammed President Obama for “betraying” Israel by allowing a US abstention in a UN security council vote condemning Israeli settlements and preventing Jews from praying at the ‘Western Wall’.

Dershowitz said Obama will be remembered as one of the worst presidents in the foreign policy arena and said he created a “terrible conflict” for people who share other tenets of his ideology.

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“Many [liberal Democrats]like me who support his domestic policy think he was an appalling… president when it came to foreign policy,” Dershowitz said.

He said the president once invited him to the White House and asked personally for his support, promising that he would “always have Israel’s back.” More

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