Dershowitz Rips Media That Misinformed The American Public: “A Very, Very Bad Day For CNN”

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz: This is a ‘very, very bad day for CNN’ — ‘They should be hanging their head in shame.’

“This is a good day for the president,” Alan Dershowitz said. “It’s a very, very bad day for CNN. I have to tell you, they should be hanging their head in shame when you think about how many people went out on a limb and predicted there would be indictments for obstruction. There would be indictments for collusion. There would be indictments for this and for that. They made it seem like it was an open-and-shut case. And they misinformed the American public. They have to have some public accountability when you say things that turn out not to be true.”

Daily Caller:

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz called Sunday a “good day” for President Donald Trump before ripping CNN and media outlets that “misinformed the American public.”

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Attorney General William Barr on Sunday delivered to Congress a four-page letter summarizing special counsel Robert Mueller’s recently-delivered report, which put to rest any accusations of collusion with Russia on the part of the president or anyone in his campaign.

“But it’s important that we did learn there are no sealed indictments,” Dershowitz told Fox News anchor Shannon Bream Sunday. “There’s no recommendation in the report for any further indictments, and so this is not what many people feared, just shifting it over to the southern district and saying we’re not going to indict this guy, but maybe you should. That was done with the attorney general as far as the obstruction of justice, but he didn’t do it with the southern district.”

Dershowitz then launched into the media, calling Sunday “a good day for the president” and a “very, very bad day for CNN.” More

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