Des Moines Register Calls For Audit Of Iowa, Says ‘Something Smells In The Democratic Party’

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Hillary is what smells.

Via Politico:

In a strongly worded editorial on Thursday, The Des Moines Register called on the Iowa Democratic Party to move quickly to prove that Monday’s results are correct.


The piece titled “Editorial: Something smells in the Democratic Party,” starts out: “Once again the world is laughing at Iowa.”


It gets sharper from there. “What happened Monday night at the Democratic caucuses was a debacle, period. Democracy, particularly at the local party level, can be slow, messy and obscure. But the refusal to undergo scrutiny or allow for an appeal reeks of autocracy,” the DMR reads. “The Iowa Democratic Party must act quickly to assure the accuracy of the caucus results, beyond a shadow of a doubt.”


The editorial cites Clinton’s razor-thin victory as too close “not to do a complete audit of results.”


The newspaper editorial also said there were too many opportunities for error to arise. More

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