Detroit Mother Reports 9-Year-Old Missing, Police Had Arrested Him For A Home Invasion


Detroit Mother Reports 9-Year-Old Missing, Police Had Arrested Him For A Home Invasion…

Not his first rodeo.

Via FOX 29

A Detroit mother calls police, panicked when her 9-year-old son doesn’t return home.


It turns out he wasn’t exactly missing, he was actually under arrest accused of committing a home invasion.


Stephanie Horton was in a state of panic Wednesday night when her 9 -year-old son Kamian Strawder was missing. The third-grader had been expelled from Palmer Park Prep earlier in the week and he had nowhere to be but at their Detroit home on Appoline.


Horton left for work around 9 a.m. Wednesday and says Kemian left to play with his friends. He still wasn’t home, she reported him missing to police.[…]


When Horton went to pick up her son at the Juvenile Detention Center Thursday afternoon, she learned Kemian was arrested Wednesday. Police took him into custody while he was walking down Littlefield, he and a teenager he was with, were accused of breaking and entering a house down the street.


“I said how could I not be notified until 24 hours later,” Horton said. “No explanation, no information, no anything.”


Detroit police claim Kemian didn’t have his mother’s number so they couldn’t contact her. Instead they went to her home, but no one was there. More

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