DHS ➠ 40 American ISIS Thugs Have RETURNED To The United States!

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DHS Admits 40 Americans Who Fought With ISIS Overseas Have Been Allowed Back Into U.S. , Keeping “Close Tabs On Them”


Unbelievable. If you know they fought with ISIS, that’s a treasonous act since ISIS has declared war on us. Why were they not arrested?

Via Daily Surge:

Department of Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson says dozens of Americans who traveled overseas to train with ISIS militants are now back in the United States.


“As I understand it, of the 180 Americans who have gone overseas to fight in Iraq and Syria, 40 have come back,” said 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl.


“I assume you’re keeping close tabs on those 40?” she asked Johnson.


“We have in fact kept close tabs on those who we believe have left and those who’ve come back,” Johnson responded. “A number have been arrested or investigated and we have systems in place to track these individuals. But you can’t know everything.”


“We are separated from the hot spots by an ocean, which does make it more difficult,” Johnson said.


Ironically enough, while Jeh Johnson says the government “can’t know everything” about home grown terrorists, it knew the Tsarnaev brothers, the Boston bombers, were accepting tens of thousands of dollars worth of welfare benefits and did nothing to stop their deadly plot.


And the Russians warned U.S. security officials about the Tsarnaev brothers long before they blew people up.


“So do you think if it were easier for these kids to get there, there would be more of them going?” Lesley Stahl asked.


“Probably,” Johnson said. “And so border security is not simply preventing people from getting in, but very often preventing somebody from leaving for the wrong reasons.”

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