Disgusting: Far Left Website Salon Calls Conservative Michelle Malkin A “Monkey”


More hate from the leading liberal website When they’re not promoting ped*philia their hurling racist slurs at conservative women.

Salon published a hit piece on Second Amendment supporters after the Umpqua College shooting on a gun-free campus. The far left website called conservative author and pundit Michelle Malkin a monkey.

Author Gary Legum believes it’s acceptable to call conservative women monkeys.

monkey salon


It’s the left’s latest attempt to dehumanize a conservative woman.
And, of course, this is not condemned on the left.
What horrible people.
From Salon:

National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke was quick to blame the media and second the idea that reporting on shootings leads to copycats. Right-wing rage monkey Michelle Malkin suggested gun control advocates refrain from commenting on breaking news of shootings, for reasons that elude all reasonable explanation.

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