Disturbed Mom Posts SICKENING Photos Of Child & It Gets Worse From There!

Disturbed Mom Posts SICKENING Photos Of Child, Her Captions Make It Worse

While most parents proudly post photos of their children online, showing baby’s first steps, birthday, or various other milestones, one mother’s brag time could turn into criminal charges.

The unidentified mom, who is believed to be from Argentina, has come under sharp criticism for her overshare on Facebook, posting photos of her toddler child demonstrating new skills mommy taught him. Alongside pictures of an adult pouring alcohol down the visibly upset child’s throat, the mom comments, “Look how he drinks.”

Disturbed Mom Posts SICKENING Photos Of Child, Her Captions Make It Worse

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After first posting the shocking photo in January, it was left up for all to see for several weeks without incident, until it was shared enough times that the backlash caught up with her. She quickly removed it after condemnation of her parenting ensued, but she didn’t learn her lesson for long. Six months later, she was back at it online with a more disturbing photo of her child and equally depraved remarks.

On June 15, the deplorable parent shared her son’s new skill, boasting in pride that he was high. A series of tragic shots show the boy smoking a rolled “cigarette,” lit by an individual out of shot, with a caption by the mom that read, “My cute baby, you’re high, from your mother.”

Disturbed Mom Posts SICKENING Photos Of Child, Her Captions Make It Worse-media-2


It didn’t take weeks this time for her to remove the pictures, as her followers almost instantly expressed their outrage for the posts and the heinous parenting. She took them down, but not before several Facebook users got screenshots of the upload. More


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