D’oh! Study Finds Mooch’s “Let’s Move!” Campaign Is Causing People To GAIN Weight

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Raw Story:

In case there was not enough evidence that we need to reevaluate the way we are handling the obesity epidemic, a new study has found that obesity awareness can lead to increased weight gain. These findings seem to contradict the fact that those who are overweight tend not to realize it, and thus must be informed of the fact in order to combat the problem. Instead, researchers are finding that those suffering from obesity are fully aware, and the added pressure associated with being overweight is making them eat more.

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According to Eric Robinson of the Institute of Psychology at Liverpool University, it is this awareness and the stigma that comes along with being overweight that is causing people to stress-eat.

“There is quite a substantial body of research showing it is not really very much fun being an overweight person in this climate,” Robinson told The Guardian. “It is a stigmatized condition. Realizing you are an overweight individual is in itself likely to be quite stressful and makes making healthy choices in your lifestyle more difficult.”

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