DOJ Preparing Antitrust Probe Of Google

The US government is preparing to launch antitrust probe into Google.

Google is falling under scrutiny as the US Department of Justice gears up to investigate the IT giant after studying its ads and search policies, according to a new report.

Finally, someone looking into their actions.

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Daily Wire:

The U.S. Justice Department is preparing an anti-trust investigation of Google and is expected to examine the tech giant’s “search and other businesses.”

The Federal Trade Commission, which investigated Google several years ago, is deferring the investigation to the DOJ this time, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“With turf now settled, the department is preparing to closely examine Google’s business practices related to its search and other businesses, the people said,” according to The Journal. “It couldn’t immediately be learned whether Google has been contacted by the department. Third-party critics of the search giant, however, already have been in talks with Justice Department officials, some of the people familiar with the matter said.” More

A nice start, but really, what is needed is to make access to platforms a civil right. If you want a private platform, make one, but write it clearly in the rules and accept the legal responsibilities of a publisher.

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