Don Trump Jr. Takes Aim At Mueller Witch Hunt: I Don’t Trust These People – My Father Should Not Sit Down with Them (Video)

President Trump has nothing to gain by sitting down with them since he has been proven not guilty to any of their fake charges. This is just a witch hunt that has been allowed to continue far too long and is using up our valuable taxpayer dollars to fund these fools, it makes my blood boil!

Donald Trump Jr. went on FOX and Friends today to discuss his father’s very successful meeting with Kim Jong Un in Singapore and the continued Robert Mueller witch hunt against our president.

Don Jr. was asked if he thinks his father should sit down with Dirty Cop Mueller.

Brian Kilmeade: Rudy told Laura Ingraham last night, we are going to decide in the next couple weeks whether the president sits down. If your dad asks you what he should do what do you tell him?

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Donald Trump Jr.: Look, I don’t trust these people as far as I could throw them. I wouldn’t sit down with them because you could sit there and ask questions for 50 hours or 100 hours and ask the same thing 1000 times and they would be, “Oh, the comma’s different here. Now we got you!” The reality is the greatest investigative bodies in the world have been looking at this for two year. Two years! And they have come up with nothing. By the way the only thing they’ve come up with is what they themselves were doing!

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