Donald Trump To Sarah Palin: Univision’s Jorge Ramos ‘Just Putting On A Show’

Gov. Sarah Palin & Donald Trump

On Friday, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin interviewed GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump in a short segment that appeared on the San Diego-based One America News Network. One of the topics covered was the recent incident in which Univision’s Jorge Ramos was booted from a press conferenceafter causing a disruption.


Palin lead into the incident by referring to “idiots” in the so-called “mainstream media” attempting to corner Trump with “gotcha” questions. She referred to Ramos as a political activist and the father of a Clinton staffer and, she told Trump, “you schooled that radical activist.” She called it the “right thing to do,” and theorized that Ramos isn’t going to “pull that again.”

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“Where did you get your guts for that kind of necessary confrontation?” she asked. Trump said Ramos was “totally out of line,” adding that the press was pretty good to him over the incident.

He told Palin that Ramos was “screaming, ranting and raving” during the incident. Trump said he figured out who Ramos was and told Palin the outspoken Univision host was simply “trying to put on a show.”

Eventually, Ramos was let back into the conference where he got to confront Trump on the topic of illegal immigration. As we reported Friday, Ramos told a Spanish-speaking program based in Colombia that he had been “hunting” Trump for some time before the confrontation. More

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