Duke Student Outraged School Didn’t Use Word “Racism” In Condemning Report Students Found Noose

 5.06.17 PM


Duke Student Outraged School Didn’t Use Word “Racism” In Condemning Report Students Found Noose…

Here is the email from the heartless Duke administrator, read it but please try and contain your outrage over the racial insensitivity.

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In an email to students Wednesday morning, Larry Moneta, Duke’s vice president for student affairs, wrote:


“To whomever committed this hateful and stupid act, I just want to say that if your intent was to create fear, it will have the opposite effect. Today, fear will be among the reactions students, and especially, students of color, will have. Be assured that the Duke community will provide all the support necessary to help us all get through this. In time, each of these cowardly acts of bias and hatred will strengthen our resolve to love and support each other.


Appropriate investigations are underway and if we’re able to identify any responsible for committing this act of intimidation, they will be held fully accountable.”

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