During Paris Attacks, MSNBC’s Brian Williams Asks About Impact On Climate Conference

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A climate conference is underway in Paris, and Weather Channel Managing Editor Sam Champion is there, along with former Vice President Al Gore, filming the event and doing promotion there for the cause. Champion was on MSNBC to discuss the terror attacks in Paris as they were occurring. After some back and forth, tone deaf Williams asked Champion how the conference would be affected.

Williams did not merely ask about how the event would proceed, or whether security would be affected, which might be natural questions even if grossly untimely. But instead he asks specifically, how this attack would impact the messaging.

“What becomes of what you had hoped to be this big public campaign leading up the climate summit?”

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Because that is the important thing when hostages are still being held and gunfire is still being exchanged. How will the global warming conference’s PR campaign go on? More

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