Eastwood ➠ I Didn’t Threaten To Shoot Michael Moore, But ‘It Isn’t A Bad Idea’

Eastwood ➠ I Didn't Threaten To Shoot Michael Moore, But ‘It Isn't A Bad Idea’

Eastwood: I Didn’t Threaten To Shoot Michael Moore, But ‘It Isn’t A Bad Idea’

During a CinemaCon event Wednesday, Clinton Eastwood discussed the public feud between himself and leftist documentary maker Michael Moore, who spat vitriol at Eastwood’s film American Sniper and noted that Eastwood once told him he would “kill” him.

Moore’s comments came in a Facebook post in January, when he blasted Eastwood’s movie (the highest grossing film of 2014) as a “mess of a film that rewrites history.” In the same post, he recounted Eastwood saying at a National Board of Review awards dinner that “he would ‘kill’ me if I ever came to his house with my camera for an interview. ‘I’ll kill you,’ he declared.” Moore also took to Twitter to rip the movie, suggesting Chris Kyle was a “coward,” a comment he later tried to walk back.

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Speaking to a group of theater owners at the “Legend of Cinema” luncheon Wednesday, Eastwood denied Moore’s accusation, but, according to USA Today, what he added afterward was met with “rousing applause and laughter” from the audience.

“Everyone keeps saying I threatened to kill Michael Moore. That’s not true,” said Eastwood, then added jokingly, “It isn’t a bad idea.”

Eastwood provided a little background for the incident, explaining that he was miffed by Moore’s interview of former National Rifle Association leader Charlton Heston when he was suffering from Alzheimer’s. Calling the interview a “downer,” Eastwood said he wondered aloud what he’d do if “someone like” Moore dropped by his house for an interview.

“I thought, ‘What do you do when he’s on your property?’” said Eastwood. “’I guess you could shoot him.’ The line, ‘Get off my lawn!’ That would have been fun, too.” More

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