EBT Users Boast Of Welfare Abuse!


EBT Users Boast Of Welfare Abuse

After the GOP-controlled Congress reduced the budget for welfare programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Turning Point USA decided to investigate social media to see what users of Electronic Benefit Transfers (EBT cards) revealed about their utilization of the cards.

Turning Point USA discovered users boasting of using their cards for buying pot, buying expensive food, and even selling them.

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Some of the boasts included:

“tryna hustle food stamps for some f*****g weed.”


“The best crabs in MD. $38 for a dozen and comes with potatoes and corn.”


“EBT for weed :)”


“How yall think im in a different city every other day. I hustle .. Food Stamps and Weed lol”


“I’m glas @rositalabnita works so her taxes can make me eat shrimp and lobster every night!”




“Bitches is soooo easy now a days lol. All u need are 2 passwords ..1 for ebt & 1 for wifi. And some weed and u In That Box”


“I can have 600 billion I’m sill gone use that wnt card … government rape us wit taxes so I’m rapin it back”




“the outlaw ap will tell you which outlets will pay cash for eby and where to find weed with proceeds”


“Ima be sellin Weed and Foodstamps here”

Meanwhile, leftist group UltraViolet tried to frighten welfare recipients on its website, writing, “Last night, Congress approved a budget that will literally take food away from ONE IN FIVE children. But we still have a chance to stop them from making devastating cuts to this program–called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program–if we mount a major fight against Congress right now.”

UltraViolet added, “Taking food away from families is plain wrong. Leave SNAP alone!”

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