Ed Schultz ➠ Hillary Doesn’t Need To Answer Your Stupid Questions

Ed Schultz ➠ Hillary Doesn't Need To Answer Your Stupid Questions

Ed Schultz: Hillary Doesn’t Need To Answer Your Stupid Questions

There’s not much to add to this ridiculous video. On MSNBC today, Ed Schultz was speaking with newly minted daytime host Thomas Roberts about Hillary’s campaign stop in Iowa, when he said … well, exactly what you would expect Ed Schultz to say. Your questions are beneath Hillary.

“I don’t think Hillary Clinton wants press. I think she wants people. And I think she doesn’t have to answer any questions right now. And I think what she’s going to do in Iowa is not focus on press but focus on what people have to say. And I think that Hillary Clinton’s been around long enough she knows exactly what she’s going to hear when she goes into that room right there and talks to those twenty- and thirty-somethings about America. Because she has one. And she’s got a granddaughter.”

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Can you imagine a Clinton not wanting the adoration of the masses? I can’t. Of course, the press will ignore Schultz’s recent spate of “leave Britney alone” pleas. She’s their one true love, their everything. They can’t quit her.

Not that they would ask her anything without her permission. They know the rules. It’s just another way Hillary looks to be Obama II.

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