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Egypt’s Grand Mufti Meeting With Leaders In Europe To Clarify Facts About “True Islam”


Egypt’s Grand Mufti Meeting With Leaders In Europe To Clarify Facts About “True Islam”…

“True Islam” by all definitions what Saudi Arabia practices, where the sole governing document is the Koran. The above picture showing a woman being publicly beheaded by Saudi authorities sums “true Islam” up nicely.

Via Daily News Egypt:

Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Shawki Allam, headed to Europe Sunday in efforts to clarify and explain the facts about “true Islam”, with the aim of combating extremist ideologies.


Allam leads Dar Al-Ifta, Egypt’s foremost religious authority for issuing fatwas (religious edicts).


Allam is scheduled to have high-level meetings with political and executive leaders in Europe, including the Dutch Foreign Minister. He will also visit the Dutch Parliament and the French Senate.


The meetings come within the efforts to modify the image of Islam, which the Mufti believes has been distorted by “terrorist groups”. The Grand Mufti reiterated his condemnation of radical Islam and extremism on several occasions, as the ideologies of radical Islam are on the rise, especially with the spread of “Islamic State” (IS) and its affiliates worldwide.


The Middle East is witnessing a string of the rising Islamist groups in countries including Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia.


With the radical Islamist groups regularly posting pictures and videos while beheading and killing people, in addition to attacks in Western countries, one of the most prominent of which was on the French Charlie Hebdo magazine in January, several anti-Islamist movements emerged in Western countries. There has also being a string of violent attacks against Muslims.


Dar Al-Ifta repeatedly condemned and emphasised in several statements that Muslims living in the West “are part and parcel of the European society and are citizens who enjoy full rights and obligations”.

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