Elderly Blind Chicago Man Decapitated ➠ Head Goes Missing

Elderly Blind Chicago Man Decapitated – Head Goes Missing

An elderly Chicago man was found decapitated in his apartment.

Robert Hollis was an elderly blind man in his 70s.
hollis head missing

His head is missing.

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ABC7 Chicago reported:

The decapitated body of an elderly man was found inside an apartment in Inglewood Thursday, sources tell Eyewitness News.


The discovery was made inside an apartment in the 800 block of Glenway Drive shortly before 1 p.m. Family members identified the victim as Robert Hollis, a blind man in his 70s.


The victim’s son, Robin Hollis, says his brother discovered their father’s body.


Inglewood police are searching for a suspect, a motive and for the man’s head, which is missing from the gruesome crime scene, according to family members.


“He did a good job in raising us and everything, so you know I just don’t understand why somebody would take out all this anger on him,” Robin Hollis said.


The Inglewood Police Department did not respond immediately to Eyewitness News’ request for comment.

Police are still looking for a suspect.

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