EPA Chief Threatens Americans Not On Board With New Climate Agenda ➠ “I’m Going To Come Knocking On Their Doors”…

Gina McCarthy


EPA Chief To Americans Not On Board With New Climate Agenda: “I’m Going To Come Knocking On Their Doors To Tell They’re Mistaken”…

I’ll be right back, someone is knocking on my door…

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Via Western Journalism:

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy sent a message to those Americans who do not want to get on board with the Obama administration’s environmental agenda.


Speaking at George Washington University’s GreenGov symposium on Wednesday, the federal government’s top environmental enforcer said: “If you are selling to somebody a product, and you can assure them that that product was produced in the most environmentally responsible way, I will guarantee you that they will value that product more highly.”


She took it a step further, adding: “I can guarantee you because if they don’t, I’m going to knock on their door and I’m going to tell them why they are mistaken.”


McCarthy used much of her remarks to discuss the EPA’s new proposed regulations to cut carbon emissions (CO2) under the Clean Power Plan (CPP). The plan calls for a 30 percent reduction in carbon dioxide by the nation’s power industry by 2030. More

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