Ex-CIA Operative: How The Obama Regime Plotted To Oust Assad & Hillary Betrayed Rebels

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JV team attempts to play in big boy world problem.

Via NY Post:

It’s the top-secret mission that never was: the US plan to oust Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in 2012.

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A former CIA agent named Douglas Laux reveals the Obama administration’s paralysis — and that of our European allies — in his heavily redacted new memoir, “Left of Boom” (St. Martin’s Press).


After meeting with members of the Syrian rebellion, Laux was summoned back to DC, where he briefed his superiors in June 2012.


“It became clear right away that everyone involved in the Syrian issue, from the White House on down, regarded it as a political hot potato,” Laux writes. “They wanted to aid the Syrian rebels, but were wary of being drawn into a war that could spread throughout the region and make them look bad politically.”


Still, Laux says he spent two months drawing up plans and traveling to European capitals, attempting to sway US allies into taking action. Like the rest of the book, names, dates, even whole conversations are blacked out — the result of CIA vetting before publication. More

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