EXCLUSIVE ➠ ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Winner Defends Event


EXCLUSIVE: ‘Draw Muhammad’ Contest Winner Defends Event

Bosch Fawstin, the cartoonist who won the “Draw Muhammad” contest that was attacked by Islamic extremists Sunday, said that the contest effectively exposed “how twisted this enemy is.”

In an exclusive interview with TruthRevolt, Fawstin defended the controversial contest, saying it was an important reminder to all that “free speech is under attack from all quarters”—not only from Muslims, but leftists, conservatives, and libertarians, alike.

Asked why he chose to enter the contest, Fawstin said it was about not only getting “paid big” for something he’s been doing for years, but also making “some much-needed noise about the issue of free speech in the wake of the Charle Hebdo massacre.” The contest, he added, presented the opportunity to be around others “battling against Islam’s Jihad,” particularly Pamela Geller, Geert Wilders, and Robert Spencer.

Fawstin rejected the notion that the contest was a “provocation,” maintaining that it was clearly an exercise in free speech but that “the enemies of free speech saw it as being worse than provocation, as an attack itself.”

“That’s how twisted this enemy is, that they feel the need to physically retaliate against words,” he said.

Fawstin came to the defense of embattled contest organizer Pamela Geller, who was specifically named in a subsequent ISIS threat, saying the terrorist organization is “behaving in character,” adding, “They’re savages.”

Asked if he was a concerned about becoming a target, Fawstin said any who expose radical Islam are already targets.

“I am a target,” he said. “All of us who refuse to shut our mouths about Islam and its jihad are targets.” More


Image via Bosch Fawstin.

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