Exclusive: Pentagon Map Hides ISIS Gains!

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Exclusive: Pentagon Map Hides ISIS Gains

Obama regime not telling the full truth. Shocking…

Via The Daily Beast:

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The U.S. military presented evidence that it was beating back the so-called Islamic State but it doesn’t even count coalition setbacks.


The Defense Department released a map last week showing territory where it is has pushed ISIS back, claiming that the terrorist group is “no longer able to operate freely in roughly 25 to 30 percent of populated areas of Iraqi territory where it once could.” This was touted as evidence of success by numerous news outlets.


Pushing ISIS back is clearly a good step. But the information from the Pentagon is, at best, misleading and incomplete, experts in the region and people on the ground tell The Daily Beast. They said the map misinforms the public about how effective the U.S.-led effort to beat back ISIS has actually been. The map released by the Pentagon excludes inconvenient facts in some parts, and obscures them in others. More

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