EXPOSED ➠ More Obama Treason Comes To Light With Leaked Document

EXPOSED: More Obama Treason Comes To Light With Leaked Document

Despite President Barack Obama having consistently lied to the American people to progress his personal and liberal agenda, he still remains in office. However, a recent document has been leaked to the press that not only proves Obama’s treasonous acts, but it demonstrates that he clearly tried to hide his efforts.

Many of us remember the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood late in Obama’s first term and the war cries of support let out by our American president. Unfortunately for him, the American people couldn’t have felt more differently, and boy, did they let him know it.

As the masses chastised Obama for supporting an extremist organization, he remained head strong until he noticed that the American people were standing their ground. Realizing that his second term election was on the horizon, he let the conversation die down, but did it really end there?

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Apparently not.

EXPOSED: Obama’s TREASON Finally Brought To Light, When Do We Tie The Noose?

According to a recent document — called the Presidential Study Directive-11, or PSD-11 — leaked to The Washington Times, Obama has not only been supporting these extremist terrorists, but he’s been doing it all along. In other words, in usual Obama fashion, he quit talking about it, but he did it without your approval anyway. Besides, when it comes to Obama’s way of thinking, what is this “of the people, for the people, by the people” nonsense, right?

Now for those unaware, despite Obama dubbing the Muslim Brotherhood as a “moderate” Muslim organization, they’re anything but. In fact, multiple countries, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), have all declared the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist organization.”

Furthermore, The Washington Times reports, “The group’s motto includes the phrase ‘jihad is our way.’ Jihad means holy war and is the Islamist battle cry.”


Now, there’s one thing you have to understand here – this perfect craft of pulling the wool over the American people’s eyes isn’t anything new. You see, what progressives like to do is originally aim for something so far beyond what they want, it’s considered fanatical. That way, when they “compromise” and “take a few steps back,” they’re actually most of the way (if not completely) to where they wanted to be in the first place. More


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