EXPOSED: Media Caught Red-Handed Trying To LIE About Trump Campaign

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You can no longer trust what you see on your television screens folks, the mainstream media is too focused on derailing Donald Trump to be bothered to do a little pesky fact checking.

“Corey Lewandowski Arrest” headlines abounded after Michelle Fields filed a police complaint against Donald Trump’s campaign manager, but the hastily written media reports were a complete and total lie!

Lewadowski was charged based upon the complaint filed by Fields, but he was NOT arrested, Mad World News reports. Police officers are mandated to file a report on every citizen complaint they receive, even if the information is baseless.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager never had handcuffs dangled above his wrist. He was notified about the POSSIBLE filing of charges via an email notice stating the police had completed a report and were turning the file over to the Palm Beach District Attorney for review.

In a sane world, no one, not even a Liberal, would get on national television and report a person had been ARRESTED without doing a few minutes of research to confirm the information.

They duped us all patriots, even me.

The mainstream media was once filled with professional and quality journalists who took pride in their work – those days are over now.

Our nightly news is delivered by “media personalities” who want to be stars themselves and spend more time than talking and listening to their guests. The news anchors are most often handed a piece of paper with material written by a staffers and merely smile and read the text into the camera – investigative reporting skills and ethics are no longer required. More

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