DISTURBING ➠ Far Left Magazine Salon Once Again Defends Pedophilia!

Far left magazine Salon is now openly defending pedoph*lia.

On Monday, the popular online magazine posted a disturbing piece defending ped*ophiles.


I’m attracted to children but unwilling to act on it. Before judging me harshly, would you be willing to listen?

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You can read the article here.

This is the latest attempt by the left to try to normalize ped*philia. And why not? If they can harvest baby organs without consequence why not defend sexual abuse of children too?

Joan Walsh is the Editor-at-Large of the ped*philia-defending website.
Remember that the next time Joan goes spouting off against Christians or some conservative Republican.

This is not the first time Salon has defended ped*philes:

June 2012–Meet pedophiles who mean well – Salon.com

May 2013– Our approach to pedophilia isn’t working – Salon.com

So is this what the left is going to push for next?
Hat Tip Dana Loesch


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