Far Left Protester Who Shot Himself At Capitol Identified ➠ Leo Thornton From Illinois

Far left Protester Who Shot Himself at Capitol Identified – Leo Thornton from Illinois

The US Capitol was locked down on Saturday following reports of a suicide on the west front of the building.

UPDATE: The protester was carrying a “Tax the One Percent” sign.

On Monday the protester was identified.
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Far left protester Leo Thornton from Illinois shot himself in Washington DC on Saturday.

Patch.com reported:

The man who shot himself to death in front of the U.S. Capitol was identified Monday as Leo Thornton, 22, of Lincolnwood, a small north suburb just south of Skokie.


The Metropolitan Police Department said he shot himself Saturday on the west front of the Capitol building just after 1 p.m. Thornton was carrying a backpack, a suitcase and a protest sign. Police locked down the building for about two hours and searched his bags after the shooting.


The protest sign Thornton held reflected a “social justice” message, according U.S. Capitol Police Chief Kim C. Dine, who spoke at a press conference Saturday.


Police did not offer a motive for the suicidal shooting.

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