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Farrakhan To Black Soldiers ➠ Come Home And ‘Fight’ For Black Community ➠ Against Police Violence

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In a video posted on his Facebook page Wednesday, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called for African American soldiers to return home and “fight” for the black community.

In a sermon in which he claimed “many Israelis and Zionist Jews” were involved in orchestrating the 9/11 attacks, Farrakhan said that since the government was not protecting the black community against police violence, they must “fight” for themselves.

“We believe that local government, state government and federal government should always be on the side of truth and justice where the citizenry is concerned, no matter what the color,” said Farrakhan, arguing that recent police violence demonstrated that the government was clearly “failing” to do so.

Citing the deaths of Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, and Michael Brown (and repeating the dispelled “hands up don’t show” myth) as proof that law enforcement “desire to kill” blacks, Farrakhan called for “an immediate end to police brutality and mob attacks.”

With the federal and state governments failing African Americans, Farrakhan called on African American soldiers to come back home and “fight” for their people:

If the government cannot protect our lives … why are you in the Armed Forces, fighting for a democracy that you don’t have at home? Why are you in the Armed Forces of America going overseas to fight somebody that never did a thing to you and act pitiful when your own people are shot down in front of you?

I’m calling on all the soldiers that fight for America, come home and let’s unite and fight for our lives that the federal government refuses to fight for us. Then we must fight for ourselves.

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