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Bombshell: “Fast and Furious” Discovery Made at El Chapo’s Hideout (Video)

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A rifle found in the hideout of recaptured drug lord Joaqin “El Chapo” Guzman was purchased through the “Fast and Furious” program run by President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice,

Fox News reported.


It wasn’t just any rifle, though — it was a .50-caliber weapon capable of taking down a helicopter.

The Fast and Furious program, you may recall, involved intentionally selling weapons to buyers who were ineligible to purchase them, allegedly to track them.

The program came to light after the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry with a gun purchased through the program.

El Chapo, an infamous drug lord who escaped his Mexican jail last year, was recaptured in a brutal firefight in the city of Los Mochis on Jan. 8. Eight weapons were found in Guzman’s possession.

When agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ran the serial numbers of the firearms, they found that one of Guzman’s two .50-caliber rifles could be traced back to the Fast and Furious program.

Fox News said a law enforcement source confirmed to them that El Chapo “would put his guardsmen on hilltops to be on guard for Mexican police helicopters that would fly through valleys conducting raids. The sole purpose of the guardsmen would be to shoot down those helicopters,” according to the source. More

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