Father Of Orlando Victim Writes Letter, Wished His Son Had A Gun

What if the outcome of the Orlando shooting would have been different if just 1 person was carrying a gun with them that night. Would the news outlets report how that one person helped stop the shooter with their gun or would they still be trying to sway opinions that all guns are bad?



One thing I kept thinking over and over after Orlando was, what if one person in that bathroom had had a gun other than the killer? Would the killer have been gunned down, allowing for others to escape harm or death?

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A week after the horrific massacre, you’d think some would finally come to their senses on allowing people to be able to defend themselves with a gun in a place of business in the event it comes under attack. Sadly, they haven’t. President Obama visited family members of some of the victims on Thursday, who urged him to fight for more gun control in hopes of stopping future massacres. Bill Clinton said in an interview last week that club-goers shooting back at the gunman would not have been a good idea:

“Did you see how dark it was?” Clinton said. “It’s likely that more people would have been killed.”

But Mark Bando, father of Christopher Andrew Leinonen, 32, who was killed in the Pulse attack, shared a different take in a letter to the Detroit News:

If we’d spent the last 2 decades living in close proximity to each other, I have little doubt I’d have trained him to use a gun. After seeing the Paris massacre last year, I thought, “If only one of the intended victims in that large crowd had been armed, many lives could have been saved.” I also thought, this couldn’t happen in America, because surely, somebody in a large crowd like that would be armed, in the U.S. Wrong, history has repeated itself right here in the USA and my son and 51 others were slaughtered like helpless cattle, precisely because nobody in that club had a weapon to shoot back with.


The killer was armed and his helpless victims were not, yet the anti gun politicians still want to disarm the populace, enabling these scenarios. It is likely such attacks will continue, until the victims start shooting back. That’s the lesson I take from this, for what it’s worth. When the shooting started Saturday night, I’ll bet there wasn’t a person in the club who wouldn’t have traded everything he owned in the world, for a loaded gun.

Mr. Bando’s letter is a powerful testament to his unconditional love for his son, and it is heartbreaking that he’ll spend the rest of his life wondering about his son’s final moments, asking “what if?” More

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