FBI Gave Police Three Hour Warning Before Garland Attack



FBI Gave Police Three Hour Warning Before Garland Attack

According to a CNN news report, the FBI sent a bulletin to Garland police three hours before a terrorist attack on Pamela Geller’s “draw Muhammad” cartoon event.

The FBI’s warning included a picture of Elton Simpson, one of the suspects who was killed, as well as his license plate number. Police were told that Simpson had expressed interest in the event and that his social media posts were linked to ISIS.

According to CNN’s Evan Perez, the FBI stated that it had no indication that Simpson was planning an attack or that he was on his way to the event. CNN posted the news to Facebook:

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As TruthRevolt previously reported, Simpson was under FBI surveillance since 2006 for his connection with radical Islamist, Hassan Abu-Jihaad. Simpson was later arrested in 2010 for lying to authorities while under investigation, but was only sentenced to probation and a fine.

Simpson’s past social media presence made clear his feelings on radical Islam: “Allah loves someone who is out there fighting… If you get shot, or you get killed, it’s [heaven]straight away… That’s what we here for… so why not take that route?”

Geller, who is a specific target of ISIS for execution, has yet to be protected by the FBI or Homeland Security, despite her requests for help.


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