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FBI Knew Terrorist Was Heading to Garland, TX ➠ Did NOT Notify Organizers ➠ Video

Breaking: FBI KNEW Terrorist Was Heading to Garland, TX – DID NOT Notify Organizers (VIDEO)


They knew it hours before the attack occurred!
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Elton Simpson (on left) , reportedly tweeted minutes before the attack that he and his fellow assailant had pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The FBI knew Elton Simpson was heading to Garland, Texas.
But the event organizers WERE NOT Notified nor was their security team!



Shepard Smith reported on Thursday:

The FBI knew one of the gunmen in Sunday’s attack in Texas could be targeting the controversial Mohammad cartoon contest, anti-Islam conference… And they knew it hours before the attack occurred. That comes straight from the FBI director who just moments ago held a closed door meeting with reporters. The FBI put out a bulletin with suspect’s picture before the attack. He said it’s not clear if police in Garland, Texas knew about that bulletin.

I reached out to Pamela Geller Friday morning.

Here is what she said:

Q: Pamela were you notified by the FBI or local officials that terrorist Elton Simpson was heading your way?


Pamela Geller: No, we were not.


Q: Were your security officials notified?


Pamela Geller: No.

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