FBI Recovers Hillary Clinton Emails On Homebrew Server


Last month Hillary Clinton told reporters she deemed 1,200 emails were deemed not work related by herself. She also refused to say whether or not she wiped her homebrew server clean.
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Now this… The FBI has recovered Hillary Clinton’s personal and work emails.

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Breitbart.com reported:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has successfully recovered personal and work emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to a new report.


Sources told Bloomberg News that some of Clinton’s emails have been extracted from the server, thus disproving the claim that Clinton managed to wipe her server clean after she deleted all of her emails earlier this year.


Therefore, some of the emails that Clinton deleted — the ones that she determined were NOT relevant to federal investigations — are now in the hands of the FBI.


The federal investigation, therefore, is now out of Clinton’s control.


Breitbart News has extensively reported that Clinton’s server, which was managed by a handful of companies including Denver-based Platte River Networks before it was turned over to the FBI in August, might have contained data relevant to the investigation.

Tomorrow might be a good day for Joe Biden to announce his candidacy.


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