FBI Is Threatening the President of the United States – Grave Threat on Constitution (Video)

Wow… Lou Dobbs: “The FBI has been a place where truth goes to die.”

Release the memo NOW and expose all the criminals!

On Wednesday night FBN host Lou Dobbs reported that the FBI sent five top agents over to the White House this week to alter the House Intel FISA memo.

CNN’s Turns Their Colossal Screw-Up Into An Attack On President Trump


This was after the House Intelligence Committee voted on Monday to release the classified FISA memo that exposes FISA abuse by the Obama FBI and Department of Justice.

Lou Dobbs told his audience: Our chief correspondent at the White House, John Roberts, telling us that the new version of the memorandum has been altered in some ways by the White House review. Five professional members of the FBI were at the White House to meet with the Chief of Staff John Kelly to got through that.

After learning about this latest development Judicial Watch Chief Investigator Chris Farrell told Lou Dobbs the FBI is threatening the president. Read more at TGP.

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Chris Farrell: Let me boil it down, real simple, the FBI is threatening the President of the United States. They put him in a corner and said we really don’t want you to reveal all the criminality that is going on in the organization… This is a grave threat on the Constitution.

Via Lou Dobbs Tonight:

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