FBI Vows To Protect Muslims From Americans After Paris Terror Attacks

FBI Vows To Protect Muslims From Americans After Paris Terror Attacks

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Via Deadline Detroit:

In response to recent anti-Muslim threats in Dearborn, in wake of the Paris attacks, the Detroit FBI said Tuesday that it was working with local law enforcement to protect people from “misguided retaliatory threats.”

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“The FBI Detroit will aggressively work with our state and local partners to investigate and bring to justice those who would make violent threats against others in response to, or in retribution for, the terrorist attacks conducted in Paris last week,” David P. Gelios, head of the Detroit FBI, said in a statement.


“Violent extremism in any form is a risk to public safety and our way of life in America.”


The statements come in wake of some threats on social media locally and around the country.

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