FBI Warns That Social Media Is Creating a ‘Free Zone’ for ISIS


FBI Warns That Social Media Is Creating a ‘Free Zone’ for ISIS

FBI officials warned the House Homeland Security Committee last week that there is no way to monitor the online encrypted communications of ISIS.

“There are 200-plus social media companies. Some of these companies build their business model around end-to-end encryption,” said Michael Steinbach, head of the FBI’s counter-terrorism division. “There is no ability currently for us to see that … We’re past going dark in certain instances. We are dark.”

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Steinbach said that he was concerned that evolving technologies were outpacing laws that allow law enforcement to intercept communications by suspects.

On “Bull & Bears” today, the panel debated if technology and social media companies should do more to help the U.S. win the cyber war against ISIS.

“I bet if you put Google towards the job, they can find everyone who’s a potential terrorist in just a few days of going through the data and the connections,” Jonas Max Ferris said.

He pointed out that all the smartest tech talent works for these companies, not for agencies like the CIA and FBI.

Gary B. Smith, on the other hand, said that Facebook has one billion messages a day, which is simply too much data to go through.

John Layfield asserted that companies can certainly do more to help, but it is the government’s responsibility to monitor online communications and keep America safe. Watch the video here.

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