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FCC Watchdog Launches Investigation Into Internet Rules


FCC Watchdog Launches Investigation Into Internet Rules…


Should’ve done this a long time ago…

Via The Hill:

The inspector general for the Federal Communications Commission has opened an investigation into the agency’s process for writing new rules for the Internet, according to the House Oversight Committee.


“It’s my understanding that it’s not an audit, not an inspection, but its an actual investigation,” committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said at the conclusion of a hearing with FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler.


Chaffetz’s office was told about the probe last week, an aide said, but the chairman himself was unaware of the action “until I walked up here.”


“I don’t have any other details,” Chaffetz told reporters afterward. “I just know that they’ve opened an investigation.”


Jay Keithley, an assistant inspector general, declined to comment to The Hill.


“It’s [Office of Inspector General] policy not to comment on the existence or non-existence of an investigation,” he said in an email.


News of the probe came after repeated congressional criticism that Wheeler had threatened the integrity of his independent agency by moving ahead with tough net neutrality regulations that treat broadband Internet like a public utility. More

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