Feminist Ghoul: “Abortion Is AWESOME!”

My God these “people” are evil incarnate… Good thing they don’t believe in God because their souls are damned.

It’s like these girls believe abortion is some sort of rite of passage which will grant them some sort of magical powers…

This is disgusting. I think they really have emotional problems and should talk to a professional. Please get help ASAP!


We’re not entirely sure who these two ‘womyn’ are, but we can tell you their video does far more harm than good to the pro-abort narrative that no one actually is pro-abortion because clearly, these two dumpster fire people are.

It’s interesting how in the beginning of the video they admit they don’t know exactly what they are until the one ‘woman’ (we don’t want to assume gender or anything) calls herself a problematic feminist.

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Sorry sweetie, if you have to tell people you’re problematic, you’re not.

But nice try.

See if you can watch this two-hour video of stupid on parade. More

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